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"Every plant is a living art of nature."

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Plants are a breathtaking part of our lives, but their never-ending care requirements can be complicated for many of us, especially in today's hectic world.

🌿Intelligent Watering System

Self-watering planter IntelliGrow+ automatically supplies water to plants according to their needs.Now keeping plants healthy and beautiful is easier than ever.


🐠 There are no limits to fantasy

Do you need to bring more vibrancy of colour and elegance to your room? No problem, you can turn our intelligent planter into a fish paradise and add a new dimension to your interior.

🌱Keep your plants healthy

The transparent bottom layer makes it easy to monitor water consumption, to better understand and respond to the needs of your plants and actively prevent the soil from drying out or becoming too wet.

🏡 Home of the Future

Enter a world of elegant design and advanced solutions. For your enjoyment of beauty and home comfort, we bring you the most elegant solution for your plants. IntelliGrow+

☯️Vibration of Life and Harmony of Space

The IntelliGrow+ embodies the philosophy of Feng Shui and is a great tool for creating harmony and balance in space. It brings not only beauty, but also health, vitality and peace to your home. 

💡Innovative Collaboration

Discover the true symbiotic relationship between plant and technology. The two-layer system creates a harmonious home for all plant species providing life-giving water throughout the entire bottom.

Top layer: Provides an ideal environment for plant growth. The permeability of the substrate allows the plant to draw moisture and nutrients from the water in the lower layer.

Bottom layer: Serves as a transparent water reservoir. The plant easily and efficiently draws water thanks to the cotton cord, which ensures care even without your presence.

🎁Great gift

These multi-purpose self-watering planters in a modern style are the perfect addition to the interior or exterior. They effectively save your precious time. Choose from a variety of colours and sizes and combine them with your favourite plants in your living space.

Treat your flowers to the best care and buy our elegant IntelliGrow+ self-watering planter today! Premium price only now!

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